Setting Up the New Stacks Wallet

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Blockstack recently released a new version of the Stacks wallet with support for sending transactions.

You can download the wallet for macOS or Windows here:

Checking the Integrity of the File

Once you’ve downloaded the wallet, you may want to check the integrity of the file you just downloaded to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with on the way to your computer.

To check this file on macOS:

  1. open the Terminal application
  2. type “shasum -a512 ” (make sure to include the space)
  3. drag the file you want to check into the Terminal window
  4. press the return key
  5. Ensure the output matches the following value: “bfd2afea4b524abdf4ca5d41640b8b1d6edf3628f7641226ef28ee71985990f601d8ef82b62379be19b4956ec29811544706813b7fd419e2f32559dfcf51f388”

Setting Up Your Wallet

There are two ways to set up your wallet with the new Stacks app.

  1. You can connect a hardware wallet (Trezor or Ledger) and either set up a brand new wallet or recover your existing hardware wallet addresses and keys
  2. You can create a watch-only wallet if you already have a Stacks address and the associated private key

At this time, the Stacks Wallet does not support the creation of new Stacks addresses without hardware wallets.

More capabilities are coming soon.