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Below is an archived and reformatted tweetstorm from Nov 29, 2018. Enjoy!


Lightning Network is on fire lately

12500 channels (up 38% this month)

4000 nodes (up 9% this month)

450 BTC capacity (up 317% this month!)

Hundreds of apps & integrations

Just saw the #LightningHackdayNYC demos and was super impressed, wouldn’t bet against lightning right now


Starting a comprehensive thread of @lightning resources and apps.

First off, here's a site with more stats:


There are now over 20 lightning maps and explorers. Here's a partial list:


Here's a particularly slick Lightning Explorer:


There are now dozens of mobile wallets for Lightning (17 currently listed at


Zap is a beautiful Lightning wallet for macOS & iOS

It's only on test-net for now but use test-net sites & you'll get an identical experience


For the full main-net experience on iOS today you should get Thin Wallet, but you'll need to run your own node


Android users should try Eclair, though Lightning support is limited to sends while deposits have to be made on chain for now


For the full Lightning experience on Android today you should get "Bitcoin Lightning Wallet"


Joule is an insanely convenient browser extension that lets you make instant payments from right in the browser with the WebLN protocol (similar experience to Web3)


Casa Node is a device for your home that runs a Lightning Node for you


Yalls is a pay-per-view content site that's the first of its kind:

  1. Can support real micro-payments
  2. Works w/out a membership subscription
  3. Uses open protocols & supports multiple payment apps
  4. Is usable w/ just a click, w/out signup


This directory lists 171 lightning network stores on mainnet:


4000 active merchants now accept Lightning through Coingate


Don't yet have a Lightning wallet and want to pay Lightning invoices?

Submarine Swaps lets you send them Bitcoin and will pay the invoice for you!


Lightning Roulette lets you play for lightning awards:


Satoshis Place is a collaborative artboard where you can send a lightning payment to paint a single pixel at a time


lndwork lets you complete tasks for lightning payments


Here's a reddit thread on more Lightning resources:


Amazing work @starkness @roasbeef @jackmallers @alexbosworth @wbobeirne @jeremyrwelch @lopp @stile65 @bitconner @johanth @bvu @tdryja @jcp @rusty_twit @snyke @AlenaSatoshi @tankredhase @dickerson_des @vallywal @joostjgr @CReckhow @andrewshvv & many others I'm missing. Keep it up!

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