Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Donald Trump

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Trump and AOC have a shockingly large amount in common

The outsized media attention they get may indicate only candidates like them will win for the foreseeable future

Both are quirky, captivating and interesting to watch, with bases who find them likable (captivating)

Both come across as genuine and “being themselves” - they are unapologetically them and allergic to political facades (self-authentic)

Both champion specific segments of society who feel left behind by America, and each come across as attuned to their needs (championing)

Both are willing to take risks on advocating for truly new policies, instead of echoing vague incremental improvements on existing policies (differentiating)

Both are great at stirring up controversy and getting free media coverage - they understand doing something polarizing performs better than playing it safe (polarizing)

Both emphasize flair and feeling over factual accuracy, each either frequently telling lies or citing incorrect figures (embellishing)

Both lack political experience and have a naivety about government and policy but emphasize how they’ll shake things up and change the way the government works (establishment-shaking)

Trump and AOC couldn’t not get media coverage, even if they tried - they can’t help themselves, the media can’t help themselves and neither can you

In short, Trump and AOC are both captivating, self-authentic, championing, differentiating, polarizing, embellishing, and establishment-shaking

Over the next few elections we’ll get a clearer picture of the types of candidates who have the ability to capture the hearts and minds of Americans and take the presidency stage